Resources for String Players

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Chromatic Fingerboard studies for the intermediate violinist in 7 positions

Chromatic Scales are an essential part of the violinist’s toolbox. Through careful study, their crowning benefit is the acquisition of a rock-solid technical foundation leading to an ability to play with ease and virtuosity.

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Beginner and Intermediate Scales for the expressive violinist

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Bowing Basics for the Expressive Beginner Violinist

I’ve created a simple Pre-Sevcik Bowing set of exercises that help a student feel comfortable in all parts of the bow as a beginner. This encourages students to become aware of how to divide the bow for expressive playing in their repertoire.

Article, Blogs, and Other Resources (COMING SOON)

Technical Sequence for the Violin from Beginner to Professional by Sally O’Reilly

Vibrato Exercises for the Expressive Beginner Violinist

Practice Charts for teachers

Progressive Metronome Chart

FUN: Building Healthy Practice Habits Chart for young children