“What is your dream?  What will be your legacy?”

David France Coaching Program

Explore. Vision. Nurture. Create.

This program is for you if you believe that there is so much more inside of you waiting to be unlocked in your career, life, or creativity! If you have a project you’ve been working on that needs a jumpstart or have been waiting for the right moment to launch a project, that moment is now.

In this program, you’ll connect with and unleash your passion, purpose, and creative power in a direction that will be meaningful and give you a sense of accomplishment!   You’ll take real action to bring your dream to life.  Through a phased process you will learn more about yourself and the unique opportunity that exists at the intersection of your uniqueness in the world and your idea. I will give you the strategic support you need to make real progress.   


Phase 1 – Who are you

·       What wisdom from your life story exists to inspire what you create?

·       Break through limiting beliefs around creativity, work, money, success, and wellbeing

Phase 1b- Who are you (part 2)

·       Connect with your unique gifts, passions, purpose

·       What are you dreams?

·       Brainstorm and choose an inspiring and meaningful Personal Project to express your vision

Phase 2 The Problem

·       What problem is your project solving?

Phase 3 The Opportunity

·       What opportunities does this problem open up?

Phase 4 The Intersection

·       How are YOU uniquely built to solve this problem with a solution constructed based on your background 

Phase 5 - Mobilization

·       Set clear project intentions and milestones

·       Plan, organize, and prepare your next steps

·       Identify the tools, resources, and people you need to succeed

·       Identify and move beyond fears

Phase 6- Creation

·       Activate your plan to bring your vision and Project to life

·       Receive guidance, support, and encouragement

Phase 7- Celebration

·       Share your project, creative process

·       Celebrate your transformation with fellow group members and loved ones 

Phase 8 - Reflection

·       Harvest key insights from your process

·       Identify new meaningful directions you desire to move in your life, work, or creativity

·       Clarify next steps to set yourself up for success moving 

Together we’ll take the steps to make your vision come alive in the world.


Coaching Fees



30-minute                                                         $175

One-hour                                                           $350

5-30-minute                                                     $750

5-One-hour                                                       $1,500

10-30-minute                                                   $1,500

10-One-hour                                                     $3,000



“David is the best entrepreneurial coach out there period. He goes to unbelievable lengths to get you that person, that opportunity, that connection that will bring your company and your team to another level. An amazing and extremely dedicated coach.

-William Han, ContaC Cards, Swarthmore Class of 2021


"David has been incredibly helpful through my startup experience."

-Jeff Xu, Carnegie Mellon University



1. Program Dates, Time, & Location

(NOTE: This is a 3-month program. Members are asked to attend the full session.)

•         SKYPE:  My ID is davidfrance2

2. Program Offering includes the following:

•         Private Facebook Group for ongoing group support and collaboration

•         Working on your personal project

•         Showcasing your success

•         Creating a Strategy road map

•         Weekly 30-minute  call

•         Tools: goal-setting, shared project spreadsheet

Program Registration & Investment:

*Payment plans can be made available upon request.

*Program involves committing to completing weekly goals in between sessions designed to help you bring  your project to life.


Take the first bold step towards making your mark on the world!

Excited to work with you!


-David France, Career & Life Coach



Questions? Please contact me: davidfranceviolin@gmail.com