Show Up Dinners

Hungry for a unique, private team building event for your office, team, or group of friends?  

Show Up dinners are a unique and fun interactive experience that’s perfect for your needs.   If you’re looking for quality time in a different setting to grow new relationships or to strengthen old ones

Show Up Dinners is a memorable opportunity to build community in a relaxed atmosphere.



The Event Process

Complimentary appetizers will be awaiting you as you and your guests arrive. While enjoying the appetizers, your chef will discuss the three-course menu selections once everyone has arrived. They will then walk you through the process of how the experience will continue.

Our roster of incredible chefs along with their assistants will lead your group through a collective hands on culinary odyssey in the kitchen.  Our experiences are a more meaningful way to encourage more progressive group dynamics. Eating a meal that each member of your team has helped to prepare is one of the most rewarding parts of the experience.  Cooking a meal as a team can cultivate an enhanced sense of cooperation, communication, and attention to detail.

Each person in a team is unique, creating a diverse and interesting group. Just like your team, each team building cooking experience is unique.  Your personal chef and you will choose the menu for your corporate team building Show Up Dinner.  This allows the menu to reflect the personality of your team.  Once the menu is chosen we will find the freshest ingredients with the most mouth watering flavors.

During your experience your chef will also share information about either the importance of the ingredients or the history of the dish. This gives you a better understanding of why you’re using specific ingredients or why a dish is prepared a certain way. Creating an experience that is hands on in both action and learning. 

To top if off, every experience includes a fine selection of wines exclusivelly picked for your event and includes a live musician that will add another layer of exquisite detail to the already entertaining atmosphere.



Why Choose a cooking experience?

  • The neutral setting to set aside normal roles.
  • Encourages team spirit.
  • Improves communication
  • Relieves stress
  • Lightens workplace pressures
  • Improves interpersonal relationships.
  • Enjoy the meal you prepared as a team.
house concert.jpg


  • Italian

  • Asian Classics

  • Caribbean

  • Fusion

These are 3.5 hr experiences

15-30 people - $125 (per person) plus 15% service fee

10-14 people - $150 (per person) plus 15% service fee

5-9 people      - $175 (per person) plus 15% service fee

Travel fee for delivery of services outside of Boston: $200-$600.

You can’t cook a meal as a team and not walk away with new friendships. Show up dinners has strengthened our relationships while at the same time improving our productivity in the office.
— Marcus, Ziryab Ventures