Why I used my grocery money to buy a ticket to Ireland

A few years ago I heard a life-changing statistic. People nearing the end of their life agreed that the #1 thing they would do differently if they could do it all over again was to ‘take more risk.’ Honestly, I’ve never seen this survey myself but when someone told me this story, that was enough to inspire me to make immediate changes. I didn't want to regret not making the 'risky' but life-energizing decisions that lined up with my dreams, passions, and beliefs.

After leaving Bermuda, I decided that I would trade the comfortable 9-5 with a more unpredictable calling to bring access to classical music into urban neighborhoods. Violin lessons are expensive but when I decided to democratize access to classical music I also traded the ease of being able to afford everyday items such as groceries. This hurdle has only opened up so many more creative ways of living and has connected me to the community in meaningful ways.

 Today I decided to use the money I set aside for groceries this month to buy a plane ticket to Ireland to be a guest on an unknown podcast with not much traction.

I’m sure you’re asking along with my mother WHY!!?!??

  • It is true that while on the Island of Nevis last week for a family funeral I found my Irish ancestry, but that’s not why
  • It is true I’ve always wanted to go Ireland...but that’s not why
  • It is true I love travel...NOPE..not the reason


Whether I die rich or poor I would like at least one thing to be true…I want to not only follow my dreams but Give my life away supporting the dreams of those who want to impact the world for good.

I stumbled across a podcast a few weeks ago and listened to the episode where the hosts shared their vision for how they wanted their show to impact the world. I was impressed and what I heard completely aligned with what I want my life to be about and the kinds of movements I want to support. When they told me they had only done live interviews for their show but could figure out how to do it via skype I joked with the idea of just flying to Ireland. The more I thought about this prospect, the more it made sense to GO. When I checked how much money I had left for groceries and saw that it lined up with the price of the ticket, I took the leap of faith and bought the ticket. I'm now dreaming up ways I can not only join their vision but also come alongside other young entrepreneurs in Dublin.

When you’ve answered the deepest questions of what life is about and why you do the things you do, the hard questions of whether to buy groceries or help someone else becomes a little bit easier.

David France is the author of Bestselling book Show Up: Unlocking the Power of Relational Networking, he is a Speaker, violinist, string pedagogy clinician, and Founder and Executive Director of Revolution of Hope, a music for social change initiative transforming inner city lives through the arts. He believes that joy in this life is maximized when you Give your life Away. You can also follow him on twitter