Gwyn's Chance to Stand

While other kids her age are trying to enjoy their last few weeks of Summer vacation, 13-year old Gwyneth Hibbert is about to make her feature film directorial debut this month in Maine. I had the honor of chatting with her on the set of her yet to be named film in which she debuts as both the writer AND the director!

Who are you and where are you from?

I’m Gwyneth Hibbert and I’m from Kezar falls Maine. I’m 13 years old…but I’m turning 14 this fall.


What sparked your interest in cinematography?

My grandfather was a photographer… a hobby and that sparked my interest.  His camera was a16mm Film camera that was passed down to me.


When Silas asked you to direct this year’s feature, how did you react?

I was silent for a couple minutes. I didn’t know how to react.  Then I was excited for the opportunity.


What are you nervous about this week?

Really nothing. I just want to see how this turns out.


What will be hard about putting together a movie in a week?

Editing.  Because there are so many different styles of filming it may be hard to edit…which is essentially cutting and rearranging the scene.


So, you wrote this film. What was the writing process like for you?

I had a meeting with Silas, Alex, and Noah to build the concept for the film.  Once we had the main idea we met again and built the ideas for each of the scenes.   Later we had a meeting where we finalized our scenes and created a shot list of what the movie would look like.


What’s it been like getting a chance to lead adults?

It’s kinda fun honestly!  I get to be in charge of people that are older than me…it’s kinda satisfying!


What message do you hope the audience walks away with on Saturday night?

I hope people learn that family and friends aren’t the only beings that can help with a traumatic experience; but animals can also help people recover from deep pain.


You were in the Film School last year.  How was your Experience?

I was the youngest in the group, but I knew most of the people already; so it was cool to connect with them through a common interest we all have. I’ve always had an interest in film and photography, so it was cool getting a close up connection with something that I already loved.


Do you have any projects online?

Last year at the Film School I helped to film and acted in “A chance to Stand.”


Where do you turn for relief when things are hard?

When things are hard, I turn to family, friends, and good ol’ manual labor.

Smooth Feather Youth supports activities for youth in our community where participants can learn from one another, discover new possibilities for their lives, and use their individual and collective creativity to explore positive change. We run an annual film school at our 1880s movie theater every summer in Kezar Falls and our excursion program takes youth to explore the Maine outdoors throughout the year.




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