5 Tools to promote your event for FREE

Whether you’re a seasoned event planner or getting ready to host your first event, getting people to Show Up for an event can be a daunting task.    Events are a fun way to show off your creativity while adding a personal touch to a particular niche.  They are also an effective way to meet diverse people with similar interests gathered around a unique theme.


Events take on the personality, vision, values, and energy of the organizing team. When you throw your own events, you become a magnet attracting likeminded people across various disciplines who are drawn to your unique spin on a topic.


One of the most powerful networking effects of throwing events is you become the perceived influencer in the field in which the event lives.  If you focus on providing as much value as you can within the framework of your event’s vision, then it will be a success no matter how large or small. 


Once you have your event’s theme, here are 5 FREE tools that will help you promote your event.



Canva is a user-friendly online design tool that will turn anyone into a graphic designing wizard in minutes.   The platform has eye-catching templates that make it easy for you to drag and drop your way to creating powerful promotional materials for your next event.  You can also upload your own pictures, choose from a variety of fonts, widgets, and backgrounds.  There is no cost to use most of the features but those with a price tag can be added for only $1 each.  Creating gorgeous designs has never been easier.  Take your event to the next level with a design from Canva.



Creating a professional interface for your guests to register for your event accomplishes four important goals

·      Builds trust with potential attendees

·      Raises the perceived profile of the event

·      Clearly communicates the vision; attracting targeted guests

·      Instills a sense of commitment to Showing up

One of the best free guest registration tools is Eventbrite.  If the event you are hosting is free it is free to advertise your event on their platform.  If your event isn’t free there is a small percentage taken out of each ticket sale.  The platform makes it easy to give potential guests an inviting view into your event along with all the details they will need to make their decision to Show Up.

Their free tools allow you to send classy invitations, design customized questions for guests, and create promotional codes for discounted tickets. There is a social integration allowing guests to see if their Facebook friends are attending as well as numerous analytics allowing you to optimize your event.   Their app makes the check-in process a breeze and after the event you can download the attendee list and upload it to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) of choice.

Eventbrite makes it easy to invite guests from past events to future ones you promote on their platform.    Building a robust, targeted mailing list will ensure the success of your future events while growing an enthusiastic tribe around a specific theme.

If you choose to make your event public, Eventbrite will advertise your event on their platform while also sending your listing to other local portals to increase its advertising reach.   Eventbrite is fast becoming the tool many people use to find events in their community.  A listing on the platform is one of the easiest ways to reach your target audience outside of your immediate network.



As Facebook continuously changes its algorhythm making it more difficult for your friends to see your posts; their event tool is an easy hack to increase your event’s visibility. Eventbrite also has an integration that allows you to make your event live on Facebook with the click of a button.   You can create an event from your personal page or business page.   If the event is public, it is easy for your team to invite their network to the event.  Once invited, Facebook will automatically send them reminders to sign up for your event making your job a bit easier.  Facebook also sends notifications from friends who sign up for events it thinks you would enjoy attending.  This feature alone is a compelling reason to have your event listed on their platform.



One of the ways to quickly grow the reach of your event is to partner with companies, influencers, or organizations who have email lists that would find value in the content of your event. You can ask them to be a marketing sponsor for your event, which could include advertising the event to their network. This is one of the fastest ways to grow interest in a new event. If your event goes well or even appears innovative, then people in your city and industry will begin reaching out to YOU for advice, making you offers, and quite possibly resulting in more incredible outcomes. The better you understand your event’s target market, the more you can make informed decisions on who might be the best partners.



I have created a free event management tool to help you organize your event.   The document takes you along the entire journey of your event from pre-launch to helping you stay on top of your post event priorities.  Tabs include areas such as

·      Mission and vision of event

·      Team members

·      Brainstorming Event details

·      Date and Venue

·      Budget

·      Marketing Strategy

·      Event Check List

·      Invite List

·      Follow Up


These tools are only the tip of the iceberg of the available free resources that will give your event an added boost.   I would love to hear your ideas. 

What free tools do YOU use for your events?



David France is the author of Bestselling book Show Up: Unlocking the Power of Relational Networking, he is a Speaker, violinist, string pedagogy clinician, and Founder and Executive Director of Revolution of Hope, a music for social change initiative transforming inner city lives through the arts. He believes that joy in this life is maximized when you Give your life Away. You can also follow him on twitter